1) Attitude
Your attitude can make or break a deal. Attitude and body language speak volumes without you saying a word. You only need to be assertive without being arrogant.

2) Communication skills
Among the soft skills, communication takes the cake. If you have good communication skills, then your other drawbacks can be overlooked to some extent. When you communicate with passion, convincing becomes effortless. Did you know that well communicated corporate organizations are said to have 25% better productivity.

3) Team player
If you hit the right chord with your team, guide them and lead them out of a crisis, your team will definitely appreciate your efforts. When there is warmth amongst team members, the team performs better.

4) Leadership qualities
A leader sees an opportunity in every difficulty. Everybody feels good being admired, followed and respected as a leader. But is leading the way a piece of cake? It takes courage, strength of character and resolve to be able to lead a team from behind and keep the team motivated to perform and deliver more than the expected results. A leader is good at managing his team’s performance, which brings us to the next must-have soft skill.

5) People Management
People management is the art of this century. Realising that every individual is unique with his own set of flaws, agreeing to disagree without hard feelings, settling rows in a friendly manner are all part of people management.

6) Accountability
Among the soft skills, the one that is least talked about is accountability. It is only human to make mistakes and each mistake is only a learning experience. Taking accountability for your mistakes require courage and conviction and it earns you trust and respect. There is a hidden challenge in every crisis.

7) Crisis Management
According to PwC’s Global Crisis Survey 2019, nearly 7 in 10 (69%) leaders experienced at least one major business crisis in last five years, with an average number of crisis being 3. Crisis are a part of life. In a welcoming approach, crisis management is now being taught at school levels.


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